Fremantle’s sustainable clothes library is a collaborative wardrobe

New to the block in Fremantle’s east-end of town is the clothes shop that’s shaking things up.  Lost Property is a clothes library with an eclectic and alternative range of vintage and preloved fashion sourced from donations of it’s members, and from second hand shops.  Members of the library can borrow as many clothes as they like with a set-price monthly subscription, which is very affordable from $30 per month.

“Nothing is for sale, but everything can be borrowed!”

Lost Property is an non-profit group very active in the space of sustainable fashion and the sharing economy.  Sew No Evil is one of their popular meetup events for upcycling and remixing fashion, as well as their Freo Clothes Swaps events.  For more information head to their website.

3 Beach Sreet, Fremantle